Reupholstery; a transformation of old furniture into desirable items

There is no limit to what we can do for you and your company when it comes to re-upholstery. We at Global Upholstery Solutions have years of experience and knowhow on the subject.

We collect old worn-down furniture from your home or office and transform it, giving you desirable pieces which are as good as new. We’ll upcycle or remanufacture the old pieces by stripping off all the old fabric and the layer of fibre. Where necessary, we will replace foam and support webbing. This is then re-covered with a thin layer of soft foam or fibre which gives the furniture a plush feel. The beautiful new fabric is then fitted and any trim features like buttoning, piping or decorative nails are added.

We have an array of fabrics available in our workshop and we’ll guide you in your choice. Multiple colours/patterns on the same piece is also an option, and we can even have cushions and curtains made to match your new piece of furniture. We have the capacity and experience to take on large orders from business such as:

  • Hotels
  • Bars/Pubs
  • Restautants
  • Theatres
  • Waiting areas
  • Transportation services

Private customers can also benefit from our services and experience. We’ll guide you in your journey of restoration, bringing back the former beauty of your favourite piece of furniture.

Some examples of pieces of furniture we can recycle are:

  • Dining chairs
  • Sofas
  • Bar stools
  • Cushions
  • Foot rests
  • Curtains

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We like to emphasise that there is no limit to what we can do.