The GOA – Elegance and comfort with E-leather

Location: UK


Client: GOA Restaurant

kind of project: Interior design

Develop time:

White tablecloths, Lime Green and Maroon Burgundy for an exotic yet stylish effect

Have you ever heard of E-leather and what it can do for your place of business?

GUS just finished re-upholstering 60 dining chairs for the Indian Restaurant: Goa, which is just outside Hampshire (we can truly recommend this Indian pearl! Between the fantastic rich flavours and the newly re-upholstered luxurious seating you really can’t go wrong).

Due the nature of Goa’s business, we adapted the logistics to its requirements and set up a collection/ delivery service whereby we had a continuous batch of 10 chairs at any one time until the job was complete, so that we didn’t cause any disruptions.
Now, we would like to take a minute to explain why Goa’s owners made such a clever choice when they went with e-leather, and why we’re so fond of it as well.

The advantages of E-leather:

  • It’s a unique material
  • It has clear financial and performance benefits
  • It performs to specific design requirements
  • It’s manufactured without compromise
  • It’s lightweight
  • It’s durable
  • It’s easy to maintain
  • It has a unique look

E-leather, when compared to moquette and traditional leather, saves on production costs and leads to reduced operational costs – both enormous benefits for any business.

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