Pub 18 – London Olympia

The only dedicated show for the UK Pub industry– GUS was there and brought comfort and joy!

For two days in February, the halls of the Olympia in London where filled with the joyful sounds of all kinds of businesses and people related to the art of British Pubs. This show is dedicated to the UK Pub industry and is the only one of its kind out there. It’s called: Pub 18!

GUS was there, of course, and we saw the show as the perfect opportunity to get our name out there, show people what we can do and the services we could provide to leading Pub chains and independent Pubs alike. We have been working with lots of Pubs across the UK and absolutely love both the personal connections we make and challenges we face when we do these kinds of jobs. People also (kind of) got a chance to take our work home with them! iPad cases were available for people to take home (and oh yes, and the sweets did a great job as well)!

We were able to introduce our unique product, the living hinge which we know from our extensive experience in the field, provides many benefits for our customers. Our living hinge is a flexible piece of plywood made from the same material as the two rigid pieces it connects to, rather than cloth, leather, or any other flexible material. It is typically thinned or cut to allow the rigid pieces to bend along the line of the hinge. This has allowed us to make all kinds of distinctive styles and sizes of furniture to accommodate any type of seating/table, whether it be for an Office, Pub, Restaurant, or even for home furnishings.
It is always a successful run when we get the chance to show and talk to people about our re-upholstery services. People tend to believe this is very expensive, however during these 2 days we again, got to show them that this is not the case. The reaction we got, when speaking to potential customers, was the surprise on how re-upholstery can be affordable.

GUS will be back for PUB 19 next year, as PUB 18 was such a fantastic opportunity to show off the high quality of our work and the high level of service we always provide our customers and partners with. We’ve made new contacts, from furniture manufactures looking to work together, to independent B&B owners, Pub owners and even local village halls and social clubs.
We wouldn’t be surprised if on your next trip to your local Pub, you’re sitting on a piece of art upholstered by GUS.

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