Domestic Fixed Seat

We had a great opportunity to manufacture a bespoke domestic fixed seat arrangement for a private client. This was a domestic fixed seat to furnish a dining area.

The aesthetic design and instruction was provided by the client, but there was still a great deal of design work for our team to complete before we could go ahead an manufacture the product.

The intention was to manufacture a product that looked like a fixed seat, but had the comfort and feel of a sofa. Similar to our work for Oakwoods later in the month, the rear cushion was relatively simple, but the seating was more difficult. Again, we used a pocket spring arrangement although this one was a little simpler as it didn’t need a removable seat cushion.

Also, to maintain the crisp finish of the faux leather seat, we use a low density foam to cover the pocket springs instead of a fibre wrap for this seat. This prevents the faux leather from wrinkling over time.

After a number of design reviews with the client and modifications to the design, we eventually settled on the exact finishes for all the parts.

The result is fantastic and the client is delighted. It fits perfectly in the space, fitting around window ledges and power outlets. We think more people should consider this as an option for their home to provide a completely tailored solution.

Our client emailed us to say thank you:

Hi there,
Just wanted to say I am really pleased and thanks so much for making the changes. You have all been wonderful to deal with. We love the seating and it is incredibly comfortable! I thought I would send some pictures along, so you can see it in situ. We will eventually get a large rectangular table once we save up.
Thanks again and all the very best!

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