Success at the BCFA Spring Open

The BCFA Spring Open was a major step forward for Global Upholstery Solutions Limited. We have been playing with the Living Hinge development (see this post) for about 6 months but didn’t have a specific piece that we could showcase it on. We had kicked around the idea of making a triptych breakout area set of 3 seats and a table for one of our sister companies in the Stannah group, but had been too busy to develop it.

The offer to supply the furniture and the bar for the BCFA Open was a great opportunity for us to focus on and do the development. March, however, became our record sales month, following on the back of our previous record sales month, February. We had to pile in the overtime to fit it in, but the results were fantastic and the support from Malone Fabrics and Skai fabrics for the finishing upholstery fabrics was outstanding.

See more from Design Insider here.

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