Interior Design

Interior Design

Providing all kinds of designer upholstery fabrics and products, to support in the creative processes of interior design

We support interior designers with their projects by providing guidance at any point, from the creative process to the execution of their concepts and ideas. We have the capacity to deliver any project that involves upholstery or reupholstery.

Global Upholstery Solutions provides support in terms of:

  • Processes
  • Fabrics
  • Creative design
  • Delivery, including producing prototypes to present projects with a professional appearance.

In our facilities, we have a vast array of all kinds of designer upholstery fabrics and products, which provide support in the creative processes of interior design.
The team at Global Upholstery Solutions can help as much or as little as you like, from guiding the designer to find the piece that’s missing to assisting with the entire project.

For refurbishment projects we have experienced professionals who will transform and damaged or outdated furniture. An economic and ecological solution that will transform any existing piece of furniture.
Our creative team is here to provide assistance and open up all the possibilities that are needed to accomplish a successful transformation. We aim to enable interior designers to design furniture that will have a remarkable impact on their customers.
At our facilities, we can demonstrate to you the range of products we’re used to working with. We can provide any services you need for both big and small projects.

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We like to emphasise that there is no limit to what we can do.