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Helping others should be an aim for every person and business. Sometimes, our own story, how we overcame obstacles, is sufficient in itself to help people. Whether this is the story of a business or an individual. Sharing is caring.

As in this months other post about Obstacles, some are more difficult than others, but it is always inspiring when people are prepared to go above and beyond to help others and I am sharing two instances of that here from people I know personally. is a blog that documents one woman’s transition from army to civilian life.

While we may all accept that moving between the two cultures, or at its extreme, from war to peace, may be difficult it is only a passing thought. For anyone who has taken this transition, this is a great blog. For anyone who has or is recruiting people from the forces, it is a great insight. Lisa’s main aim is to share her story so that it helps others.

This Blog…

I blog about my Army days, the struggles I had when I left and what I learnt. I blog about my love for fitness and being out in the great outdoors.

Helping Others…

I want people to enjoy reading my blog and take away from it that they can go out and achieve what ever they put there minds too. You are never too old, life is for living…

From a different perspective, I have learned a lot more about depression from a friend who shared his own story.

Depression is a Funny Thing: Is Anxiety Anything to Worry About? by Paul Reynolds gives a thought provoking and enlightening insight into how people with depression feel and how they cope. I’ve never suffered from depression, but I feel like I’ve learned a great deal from this book. One thing that stood out more than anything was that Paul is a very funny guy in real life and the book has some amusing and some laugh out loud moments. However, I would never have guessed he suffered from depression. My two big takeaways from this were:
If it could happen to Paul, it could happen to anyone (myself included)

Everyone needs to read this book (or one like it) so they get a better understanding of what depression may actually be like.

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