End of an Era

As we reported in a previous newsletter, we had a reshuffle with our Customer-Facing team of Steph, Lindsay and Tanya. The cause of the reshuffle was the retirement of one of our employees, Alan Holloway, the end of an era in our history.

Alan had an interesting history with our business and it warrants a short post as it is a significant element of our history.

Alan worked for the Stannah Group in Stannah Stairlifts as Purchasing Manager for many years. One of his suppliers, Dave Emmett Upholstery was owned by a man called, you guessed it, Dave Emmett. When Dave was ready to retire, he approached Alan with a proposition. The end result of which was that Alan bought the company from Dave and went into business, soon changing the name to Mobility Seating and continuing to supply Stannah Stairlifts. 14 years later, Alan had retired, although he still owned the business, but he came out of retirement to help the incumbent management team when the business got into difficulty.

Mobility Seating continued to struggle and it was Alan who, in 2015, came back to Stannah to discuss options. The Stannah group purchased the assets and employee contracts from Mobility, but left the company to operate independently and Alan continued to run the business as a sales agent. Our company, Global Upholstery Solutions (which we always refer to as GUS) was formed from the assets and the people employed by Mobility Seating and Dave Emmet before it, which is how we have such a fantastic experience base despite our being only 18 months old.

Here’ a picture of Alan when he worked for Stannah Stailifts. (Just kidding – these are Stannah employees from our 150 Anniversary heritage!).

It wasn’t long before the GUS magic worked on Alan and he decided to close Mobility Seating and come and work for GUS as Business Development Manager. He’s enjoyed just under a year with us and has now decided to finally retire and spend more time with his family, although his son, Paul, works for us, so he will see less of Paul. Perhaps he just doesn’t like him! 🙂

Alan isn’t the last connection to the origins of our Business, from Dave Emmet though. We still take inspiration from the creative work that Dave’s team did way back 30 years ago and have a good number of employees who go back to that era.

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