Expansion Team

As Global Upholstery Solutions continues to expand our upholstery services and our sales continue to grow, the obvious result is that we need to grow our upholstery team.

Our overriding aim is always to recruit people who fit to our culture. We use a term, Ubuntu, which means (among other things) – I am who I am, because you are who you are. Because of this, the fit to the business is very important and so we recruit on character first and skill second.

Training a skill is an investment, but it fits with our ethos and that of our owners. Investing in people is how we do business. Skill can always be trained and developed. The same cannot be said of character. How do you train character?

It is difficult to describe what we look for in character, but we know it when we see it. It’s the same as how our customers know we have the ‘X’ factor, but can’t put it into words. It’s because it is a feeling and feelings (from our limbic brain) do not have language. How do you describe ‘love?’

However, we have been very successful in our recruitment and have four new starters in August.

Jan Osiecki to our Materials Processing Team

Richard Holt into our Refurbishment and Product Team

Lia MacDonald to our Sewing Machinist Team

Kamel Abdullah to our Upholstery Team

We are still growing, so we are still recruiting and have four other team members in their probation period in September.

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