Company Growth - Strength to Strength

So, we’re at the end of the first half of 2017. I know strictly speaking, July is 7 months and not 6 months, by the time the accounts ledgers have closed and results posted, it is pretty much the end of July. Our company growth through the first half of 2017 has been fantastic as our internal team grow in strength, our customer base recognises our capabilities and new customers feel the x-factor.

Starting with that x-factor, it’s impossible to describe, because it’s a feeling. To take an example, how do you describe love, or pain. Can’t be done. But you know you can feel it. That’s what we find with visitors, employees and customers. We can’t define ‘it’ but we know we have it.

But you can measure it. How? By sales. No point having a differentiator if it is nothing more than an academic study. So here are some stats from our business.

First, since January last year our compound monthly average company growth has been over 10%

At the end of June 2017 compared to the same point in 2016:

  • we had delivered double the sales into our group,
  • we had delivered double the sales into our group,
  • we had trebled our sales to external customers,
  • we have exceeded external sales for the whole of 2016 already,
  • we had almost done the same for in-group sales (we passed that milestone by the end of the first week of July),
  • we doubled our overall sales revenue.

These figures are reflections of the work put in by the whole team, from sales all the way through the order fulfilment process and customer service. In June, as well as fulfilling a number of small one-off orders to clients, we also added or strengthened relationships with new commercial customers in Cubespaces and Oakwoods. Our work with Oakwoods was on a fixed seating design for Ikoyi, St James Market. Our brief from Studio Ashby was to create a fixed seating design that felt like a sofa. We only provide the cushions for these projects as Oakwoods have a fantastic frame making and installation team.

Our development work with Cubespaces led to an order for four booths to be delivered in July.

We are adding team members every month, adding clients every month and we continue to grow, with four record external sales months in a row. We work together with our clients and provide them with innovative solutions, whether those are ways to deliver the design, or in our process to keep the value level high for each customer.

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