Our process

Our process

Our process: tailored to your needs from enquiry to dispatch.

Our process has been perfected by making your time and the quality of our service our priorities. We keep it simple, ensuring you get the best possible products in the time frame you need them in. Our process starts with the simple act of making an enquiry, either via our web form, by phone or by sending us an email. We guarantee we will reply to your message within 2 working days. Providing you with a clear and straightforward reply and a transparent quote. Your order is placed once we’ve received your approval, which we follow-up with a specific and internal review.

The design is established along with the materials that are going to be used. We then take care of the foundational work which entails the woodwork, fabric cutting, foam placing, gluing and sewing. The upholstery is put on the piece and the product moves on to the final stage of our process: a thorough inspection by our strict quality control. Once the product has the all-clear, the pieces are dispatched to your customers . Our communication with you is always open and transparent throughout this process and we ensure you know which stage of the process your pieces are at at all times.


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